About The LifeLine Group, Inc.

The LifeLine Group, Inc. is a US 501(c)(3) (click for information) non-profit organization bringing state-of -the-art science to contemporary challenges of assessing exposure to, and risk and benefits of elements in people's diets, living and work environments. Our staff is diverse and holds experience and expertise in many different scientific fields including risk assessment, physiology, toxicology, chemistry, industrial hygiene, occupational and environmental health, nutrition, public health, and computer modeling. We work with governmental and non-governmental organizations needing technical assistance in conducting exposure, risk, and benefit assessments and we provide guidance in application of assessment software, interpretation of the output, and translation of the assessment information into health messages.

The LifeLine Group, Inc. holds the copyright to all LifeLine™ software, attendant documents and graphics, and any derivative products. All tools created by The LifeLine Group are accessible to anyone without cost. No private or "enhanced" versions of Lifeline™ software are built and as a result, the same versions of all programs in the LifeLine&trade software suite are available to all.

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