Physiological Parameters for PBPK Modeling™ Version 1.3 (P³M™)

Physiological Parameters for PBPK Modeling™ Version 1.3 (P³M™) provides a unique source of data for human physiological parameters where 1) the parameter values for an individual are correlated with one another, and 2) values of parameters vary according to interindividual variation in the populations defined by gender, race and age. The parameters investigated in this project include: 1) volumes of selected organs and tissues; 2) the surface area of the body; 3) blood flows for the organs and tissues; 4) the total cardiac output under resting conditions; and 5) average daily inhalation rates. These parameters are expressed as "records" of values for individuals. The values for each record are designed to be internally consistent. P³M™ allows records to be retrieved randomly from the database with specification of constraints on age, sex and ethnicity. These records are stored as an output file that can be opened in Excel™ and other programs. P³M™ provides a convenient tool for parameterization of exposure and PBPK models of interindividual variation. In addition, P³M™ provides a useful source of data on interindividual variation of exposure related parameters for both children and adults.

Version 1.3 is the most recent version of P³M™ and contains a revised and more accurate calculation of blood flows for “Resting Cardiac Output (Organ Perfusion Rates)” and Well Perfused Tissue Blood Flow: Total.” This change only affects the values for these parameters.

P³M™ is copyrighted but is available without charge. To download the software click here.