Announcing LifeLine Aggregate and Cumulative Exposure / Risk Assessment Software™ Version 5

LifeLine™ Version 5* provides a modification to LifeLine™ Software Version 4.3 that allows the analyst to complete the model run and the summary report within the same process. This increases the efficiency of the run. LifeLine™ Software Version 4.3 was the first tool to characterize population-based aggregate and cumulative exposures and risks from pesticide residues in food and tapwater as well as in the home following residential uses. The software provides a powerful tool to understand the relative contributions from these sources, and how they vary across individuals' lives. LifeLine™ is a probabilistic model of aggregate and cumulative exposures to pesticides and other chemicals which are applicable to the general US and Canadian populations and select sub-populations.

*LifeLine™ Version 5 includes a minor modification over Version 4.4. There is now a message to caution the user that, depending on the type of computer being used, the analysis can take some time to complete