LifeLine Customized Dietary Assessment Software™ v1.0.4

The LifeLine Customized Dietary Assessment Software™ (CDAS™) is a novel tool which allows the user to calculate dietary exposure and risks from unique diets. A unique diet could be any diet that is not the type represented in the CSFII, such as vegetarian diets, ethnic diets, low-carbohydrate diets, diets high in any specific food of interest or high in fortified foods. The first step in using the CDAS™ is to create a dietary intake survey for whatever foods are of interest using a separate tool called the LifeLine Dietary Record Generator™ (DRG™ ); the user lists the foods consumed including non-commercial foods and provides consumption information for each. The DRG™ then produces a dietary intake survey file which is inserted into the Customized Dietary Assessment Software™. The CDAS™ allows for dietary exposure analysis and risk assessment which can be done on a seasonal basis, also accounting for periods of unusual consumption (e.g. vacation seasons).

Another feature of the CDAS™ is that it also allows a “menu blending” of diets, such as found in some populations that consume both commercial foods as represented by the CSFII database and unique or atypical foods as represented by the DRG™ database. The blending can range from an all commercial diet through to an all unique diet.