Compendium of Dietary Files for Mexican-Influenced Communities v.1™

Using the DRG™ software, a food consumption database for a Mexican influenced community has been constructed for use in a dietary exposure and risk assessment. This dietary file and the references and strategy used for creating it are compiled in a comprehensive document entitled “The Compendium of Dietary Files for Mexican-Influenced Communities v.1.” This file describes the diet enjoyed by a Mexican influenced community in the American Southwest and more closely represents this diet than standard US surveys are able to. The goal of building the file is to have the capacity to consider this important and unique dietary profile when making decisions that affect the health of this community and their environment. Using tools such as LifeLine, allows for the consideration that communities have differential risks caused by genetic, lifestyle, dietary, or other factors unique to the population. This file will allow for consideration of Mexican influenced dietary factors and acknowledge that a unique diet is only part of the exposure profile affecting this or any population.

Download the files here